Sacred Sister: SIMONA ROLLER is a Goddess I came across about a year ago on instagram, her posts are interesting because in addition to her beautiful and striking photos, her words are always raw and real or insightful without force. She is inspiring because she weaves her life story in such a way that you feel like you really are seeing how an aspect of the universe is experiencing its self and expressing life. In this interview we discuss her perspective on working as an exotic dancer and how shes feels about the rise of the divine feminine and tips on tapping into your sensual flow...Her answers are so fucking spot on! sry about swearing, but its a necessary exclamation when someone is just SO awesome as Simona is! Read on my dears!


Q. Where do you live and practice your dance expression? 

A. In South Australia :) 

Q. Star sign

A. Sagittarius

Q. I have been following your instagram page for about a year and what I see is a powerful GORGEOUS woman embodying her sensuality full force! I am curious about the stigma of working as an exotic dancer…Many would assume that it can be an unempowering profession and I am sure this thought is conditional upon clubs and circumstance…But you seem to be a healthy, outspoken and passionate dancer. Can you elaborate on how this work is for you and how you maintain your sense of empowerment? 

A. There is definitely still stigma and misunderstanding around the profession; I have witnessed and experienced it. Sometimes I feel like people have a sort of mystical, imagined pre-conceived idea of what characterises a stripper. It’s a construction based on fictional media, cultural norms and deeply ingrained social conditioning. 

   I have, at times, been pushed away, judged, questioned or not taken seriously because of my job. I’ve heard so many people say things like “You’re not what I expected a stripper to be like”, “You changed the way I used to think about strippers” or even “It’s interesting that you’re so proud of it”… Not every profession receives these types of reactions.  I would say that people should drop the assumptions and judgments at the door for one day, and try a perspective of curiosity and openness towards the complexities of human beings. 

   There are all kinds of different, colorful characters in the industry, just like any other (nightlife in general brings some interestig scenarios)… Some of the most inspiring, beautiful, fun, driven and capable women I know, I’ve met in this industry. The substance, honesty and laughter in our conversations are so good. A woman can absolutely be a dancer AND simultaneously be of substance, be intelligent, healthy, ambitious and sincere. If it’s safety people are concerned about, that’s different altogether. But usually, it seems like it’s social perception that people are influenced and weakened by.

    An individual is just that - an individual. I try my best to approach everyone as just another human being, and every now and then, question my assumptions. People should try that lol. 

   For myself personally, this is the right place for me to be at this time in my life. I love being able to be myself, I get to dance and meet all kinds of interesting people. What we do has value and it’s nice when it feels like it made someone happy. Money is empowering too, in case anyone forgot! Haha. There are many roads to financial independence, and as women we should support each other in the pursuit of something so important.


Q. Do you feel that sharing your beauty & sensuality through dance and allowing others to witness you is in any way healing or enlightening to the viewer?... Or what effect, in your perspective does your dance have on people? 

A. I think that when a person finds healing through doing something, it has the potential to inspire healing in others witnessing it. Whether it’s dance, writing, creating, speaking or simply authentic life choices - when people live true to themselves, it can ignite healing, inspiration and courage in other people around, if they are receptive. So yes, it might have that effect on some people. For others, it might be uncomfortable, triggering or uneasy. Again, individuals. 


Q. Some believe we are experiencing the rise of a divine feminine energy on earth…in which woman are being called to step into their true power openly…This movement in opening to ones own power theoretically suggests that we would then become supportive of each others divinely erotic expressions…Do you feel that woman support you in your expression & are they inspired? 

A. I feel like we have reached a point where women are trying to figure out what empowerment is meant to feel and look like. There are many differing perspectives. I do think we are being called to create new possibilities, wanting to live life on our own terms. With the rise of social media & that of female consumer power, entrepreneurship and sovereignty, more women are coming together to discuss what is in need of healing or support. 

   I once felt so alone in my views of the world, but in recent years I’ve seen more & more women aching to feel a little more free, a little more confident, a little more courageous, a little kinder, a little more fulfilled. I love that.

    I get all kinds of reactions from women, from supportive to nasty to everywhere in between. People naturally gravitate towards what they resonate with, and only time will tell how this process of re-writing the rules will evolve. 



Q. Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow… the way you tap into your flow? (Something easy and fun would be much appreciated, but its all you here, so whatever feels resonant) 

A. Sensual dance is an amazing exploration and expression of the self, so making it personal and heartfelt is the most important part… The more comfortable you are in your skin and your sensuality, the more naturally you can express your individual energy.

   I don’t just enjoy sensuality when I dance… It’s also a part of my daily life. I like feeling beautiful, I like smelling seductive, I like sitting in a hot shower and enjoying every drop of hot water on my skin… I love the sensuality of a kiss, of a hip sway, of a song that makes me go ooooohhh….  I like wearing what I really feel like, and generally just being myself... It might seem unrelated but in reality, it’s at the core of the confidence and authenticity in your movement. If you’re authentic and comfortable within yourself & your life choices, and you value sensuality in day-to-day life, you will find it easier to find your authentic flow while dancing. The body moves so much more freely when it is not held back by deep subconscious blockages or shame. So be who you want to be, enjoy your femininity, and dance to music that you genuinely enjoy.

   When it comes to physical training & practice requirements, that’s a no-brainer. It takes time, and it’s ongoing

 Q. Please send a link to a song that inspires you.


Q. If you’d like to share anything else for this last one, you’re free to plug upcoming classes/ workshops, share a poem or a quote…Totally up to you

A. "Well-behaved women rarely make history"… 


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