Presenting SACRED SISTER COLEEN BRADLEY... I discovered this beauty on Instagram and immediately felt that I must interview her…She exudes a story through her dancing videos and inspirational words she posts…Aaand as it turns out…I was right! She has a distinct perspective, and through the exploration of her dance has emerged a butterfly integrating body-mind-soul connection into divine flight…Read on to learn the inspirational journey of this wise and gorgeous GODDESS!

Q. Where do you live and practice your dance expression?

A. I live in a hotel in Paris. I moved here last week from NYC, where I have been dancing through life, on bars and in dark pole studios with my divine sisters...for almost 22 years.

 Q. Star sign

A. Triple Leo with Venus in Virgo. It’s quite the energetic cocktail !!

Q. How did you discover your passion for pole and sensual dance, was there a catalyst or an ahh ha moment?

A. I had been in a dark place after my 30th birthday and heart-wrenching breakup. My friend suggested I try this new thing (to me) called pole-dancing. She lured me into a class by telling me three things. One, it’s dark; lit by candles. Two, they play loud, dirty rap music. And three, you can learn how to give lap-dances and strip without the male gaze. Let’s say I was hooked. What started as a way to feel sexier became a way to tap into, express and heal nearly every core wound in my mind, body and soul.

 Q. How do you share your dance expression and passions with others…Is it a private affair or do you feel called to share it openly?

A. I am painfully awkward, sensitive and shy as a woman. But as my dance Creature formed, it became quite evident that she was a force of fire and desire. And she wanted to See and be Seen. EVERYWHERE. At the time, being a Creative Director in Advertising, I had to keep this part of me a secret. I thought. So, for 15 years, I stuffed her down, only letting her speak within the safe confines of the pole studio and with my underground pole tribe.

Then, after a series of losses (relationship, career, pet and apartment; within 6 months) my addictions, eating disorders and P.T.S.D from a sexual trauma, led to a Psychiatric hospitalization. This was the catalyst for my starting life over.

In naked, raw, disgustingly gorgeous honesty.

Which meant exposing my Erotic Creature to everyone (childhood friends, colleagues, clients, men, even strangers) And all on IG. At first, it was daily therapy. The only connection I had to feeling my feelings through movement and music. And with the only stable, accepting and reliable partner I’ve ever known. The pole. Okay, and sometimes my West Elm sofa. 

Eventually, my Creature needed and craved Divine female connection, companionship and the creative explosion that occurs when Divine Femmes share their passion and pain with each other. So, I kind of lured my friends over to share this freedom I felt by being able to express my sacred sensuality in a safe place.

And with endless outfits!

In a short amount of time, a handful of women began to mix into my living room and heart like a soothing symphony. And every ounce of my being realized that this is what I am here for and called to do. To help set women free. Without judgment, expectation, perfection or approval.

Q. what do you perceive the benefits of sharing your dance expression to be, both for yourself and those that witness you ?

A. My hope is for the world to see women as they truly are. In their passion and power. With full emotion, vulnerability, imperfection and sensual divinity.

Q. Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow… the way you tap into your flow? (Something easy and fun would be much appreciated, but its all you here, so whatever feels resonant)

A. For me it starts by getting naked and showering myself in perfume or essential oils and lighting sage. And I always have a candle or 5 burning. There’s something magical that happens when all the senses wake up and flirt with each other. If this doesn’t work, my go to is growling, angry rap music.

Q. Please send a link to a song that inspires you.

A. This is my Soul Song. It hits every part of my mind, body and heart.

Q. If you’d like to share anything else for this last one, you’re free to plug upcoming classes/ workshops, share a poem or a quote…Totally up to you!

A. I have two books coming out in early 2019 and am beyond grateful to be able to share another part of my Sacred Sensual journey with the world. I hope to inspire anyone who is going through trauma, addiction or sexual shame, to feel understood, acknowledged and honored. We are all Divine Sisters in this dance of life after all.

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