It is my honor to present SACRED SISTER APRIL KAMINSKI, a sensual movement practitioner who courageously left the corporate world to follow her passion to live in the ecstasy of her dance....And furthermore, to share the gift of this very special and healing movement practice with others. The type of movement April instructs supersedes"acting sexy", but rather it reveals in the woman who take her classes, a deeply hidden element of femininity akin to animal instinct...yet simultaneously connected to spirituality by default. She truly is doing Goddess work!

Q. Where do you live and practice?

A. I live and practice in Houston, TX

            Q. Star sign

            A. Aries

Q. You left the corporate world to become a full time sensual movement instructor; can you elaborate on the shift that took place inside of you when you decided to follow this new path?

A. What I originally sought out as a fun, flirty, erotic movement practice to learn how to be “sexy” immediately and profoundly shifted the relationship that I actually had with my body as a (then) 32 year-old woman.  I was a wife and a mother – and I loved being both.  I felt like I was doing well with both of those roles.  I had always loved music and dancing, had a deep connection to the way that music made me FEEL from the emotional aspect – and although I enjoyed dancing and did it as often as I could, I never had any kind of formal training for dance.  I had always sought out ways to stay “fit” – I tried running, rock climbing, a few yoga classes…but nothing ever really stuck.  There was nothing that I felt so passionate about or enjoyed so much that I actually went out of my way to do for myself.  Rather - it was something else on my checklist that I needed to get done.  I was deadlocked in a private, constant war with my body – the size of it, the shape of it, the way it either looked or didn’t look. 

When I discovered the movement practice, it literally, immediately, brought me front and center with my body issues.  I actually cried in my very first class.  I had never thought of my body as a beautiful, emotional, living breathing part of the woman that I was, it was just this external thing that I my soul walked around in.  And those classes changed that for me.  I began to FEEL my body, in a symbiotic relationship.  I realized that I had been living so much in my head, literally from the neck up, that I rarely acknowledged my body, other than to groom it, dress it, feed it, or ask it to physically do something – and even then, the internal dialogue was in my head as my body was busy “doing.”    I began to realize that the body that I had taken with me to that class, the body that had been with me since birth and was with me always, was actually a part of me. Instead of “having” a body, it literally was me.

The teacher training in 2009 lit a fire inside my soul, and changed me forever.  It opened up my point of view, my experiences as a woman in my body.   I kept my 40-hour/week corporate job and taught part time, until I simply decided that wasn’t enough.  It felt incredibly restricting to only be tapped in to that raw joy, that intense feeling of love and passion for sharing this movement, for a few classes, a few hours per week.  As it happened, the studio I was teaching in was open to letting me teach as many classes per week as my body could handle – so it was actually a very easy decision for me to make that shift. 


Q. Can you speak on body-mind-soul connection that becomes unlocked during the practice of the type of movement you teach and the intimacy with self, the raw expression that is born in connecting deeply with the intelligence of the feminine body?

 A. The connection each woman has with her own body is a private one.  The type of movement I teach goes beyond a physical technique or the “mastery” of a physical skill set or movement. 

I believe your feminine movement is not something you learn, or form, or create.  You uncover it.  Your body has a distinct voice if you can stand still long enough to let it whisper to you.

What I have discovered for not only myself, but have witness in literally hundreds of women over the 12 years I have been practicing, is that most women want to be kinder to their bodies, and we all want and desire to invite in more acceptance and love.  Each one of us is absolutely capable of giving those things (love, kindness, acceptance, permission, presence) to another human being and in fact – we’re really good at it.   Yet, it’s incredibly difficult to give that kind of love and worth to ourselves.  When you allow yourself to receive the love and compassion FROM yourself that you so willingly GIVE away to others, a profound shift can happen.  You soften.  The walls you’ve spent years building tall and strong can be deconstructed brick by brick, when you are ready.  It’s a process.  It’s a journey.  It’s personal work.

Q. You mentioned that you do not compete in pole competitions or perform, but rather like to keep your dance private.  Most people would assume that students taking pole or sensual dance classes would be doing it to show off or be sexy for their significant other.  Can you speak on the importance of sensual awakening for the self, both as a journey of discovery and transformation….Which, then effects all other aspects of our lives?  To quote you: “As a woman shifts, so does the world around her.”

A. “Nudity empowers some, and modesty empowers others.  Different things empower different women and it’s not your place to tell her which one it is.”

Yes, most people assume that students taking pole or sensual classes would be doing it to share with a partner.  That is actually why I started, too!  I wanted to learn how to be sexier, flirtier, for my husband!  Of course, this answer will be completely different and personal for every single person – but for me, the importance of sensual awakening for myself quite literally happened as an accident.  This newfound aspect of BEING a living feminine body instead of LIVING in and with a feminine body re-framed my sense of self, and began a journey for me that continues to unfold each and every day.  I began to hunger to learn more about the mind/body connection, and from there, the history of the feminine body in dance, interest in dance and movement theory, somatic psychology, movement therapy, emotional anatomy, kinesiology….The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper for me. 

As I continue to learn and grow and change, I continue to shift in all aspects of my life.  How I view and feel and understand the world around me has shifted, how I show up in my life and in my relationships has changed.

I’m an everyday woman, and I’m determined to spend every breath of my life that I have on this earth being fully alive in all of the love, the pleasure, the joys and even the disappointments and sometimes sadness of living in a feminine body.

Q. Can you describe how you experience yourself, or how you feel in your body as you are within the throes of your movement practice (dancing/doing yoga, etc…)

A. When I am in the throes of my own personal movement practice, I feel such an intense sense of being in my body.  I feel raw, as if all of my senses are hyper-aware, like the very air in the room is burning my skin and every breath brings in a wave and range of emotions.  My body almost always trembles when I dance, like a small tremor of an earthquake is happening in my muscles.  I have lots of emotions, and I have BIG emotions, and I cry very often when I dance.  I cry from the intensity, the complexity, of the beauty of this life, the profane and the divine living side by side. I cry for my own disappointments, hurts, and frustrations.  I cry for the pain I feel for others in my life, in my heart.  I cry from joy, I cry from anger.  I cry for the ecstasy of the beauty of my life, and how lucky I am.

I almost always feel the need to be covered or protected in some way, something comforting and light over my head or face (I danced with light hoodies pulled over my eyes for years until I was finally able to grow my hair out to cover my face), but I like the feeling of a thick leather cuff on my left wrist to keep me grounded.  The shadows and gravity are my favorite partners, and I feel like I can slink, slither, fly, flip, twirl, wherever the emotion pulls me.  I can be everything and nothing, in the exact same dance.  I feel ethereal, otherworldly.  I feel tapped in, tuned in, almost animalistic in my primality.  And then, of course, there are my chrome heels that make me feel so powerful, so feminine.  I feel like they are a superpower.

Q. Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow….The way you tap into your flow?  (Something easy and fun would be much appreciated, but it’s all you here, so whatever feels resonant)

A. The biggest tip or suggestion I could offer to help guide someone into tapping into their own flow is to put yourself physically in a place where you feel comfortable, in clothing that moves with you and does not bind or restrict.  Set your mental intention to NOT move until you feel emotionally, sensually (driven by one of your five senses), intuitively, or, energetically, or spiritually stirred to do so.  Sit or lie down, close your eyes, and simply STOP.  And then breathe.  Breathe big, full breaths.  It may bring up immediate emotions, or it may feel uncomfortable at first.  In fact, it may be downright excruciating for some. 

And then tune in to your body.  Scan your body energetically, from top to bottom.  Notice and observe what you find with non-judgment, without analyzing, and with compassion.  And from there, let the inspiration find you, instead of you searching for it.  Your inspiration might just be to lie there, and tune into the sensations and emotionality of simply breathing. Or, it could lift you up and carry you into anything, any type of movement or stretch that feels true to your body. There really is no wrong way to do this. 

Q. Please send a link to a song that inspires you.

 A. This changes literally every single day!  But lately I’ve been feeling this song quite a bit:





(“Don’t Fear The Reaper” by The Spiritual Machines)


Q. If you’d like to share anything else for this last one, you’re free to plug upcoming classes/workshops, share a poem or a quote…totally up to you!

A. I invite you to join us in a class, a workshop, event, or even in a private lesson.  Check my website for classes or for more information, as it is updated often.  Come dance with us!   








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