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This weeks SACRED SISTER ANJALI LAVANIA....When I first met Anjali years ago, I was struck by her whimsical spirit, intelligence and loving presence. We have kept in touch via social media and after witnessing her blossom along her path, I felt it was time to check in and discuss her diverse expressions. She is an accomplished actor, writer, dancer and model and healer...She is the epitome of beauty in the way she moves through the world, radiating her supreme joy and light. Please read on to delve into the wisdom and insights about life, spirituality and art. She Is a true Goddess!

Q. Where do you live and practice?

A. I currently live in Mumbai, India. …and thanks to my travels across the world, I have been blessed with the opportunity to help people globally, through various online platforms.


Q. Star sign

A. Taurus sun with moon in Aquarius.


Q. I define beauty as a divine element of great power & I see you as a force of this type of beauty… Channeling beauty from your spirit into your physical form, cultivating beauty from your mind in the words you write….And your desire to raise the vibration of the world through your work as the ascension healer. Can you speak to us about the healing power of femininity and beauty?

Every Human being whether male or female have both feminine and masculine energies within their being ….the idea is to balance shiva (male energy) with shakti (female energy).

Being Logical, protective, structured and pioneering are all masculine traits, while being intuitive, creative, nurturing and emotional are feminine traits.

When women run businesses they are operating out of their masculine energies and when men write/ design and follow other creative pursuits, they are operating out of their feminine energies.

As the ascension healer, my goal is to help each human being balance their male and female energies, so that we can finally break out of all the gender based stereotypes, and all the social conditioning that make us feel incomplete.

This way, we stop the toxic behavior of expecting our spouses/ partners to complete us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Instead, we need to connect with our higher self that always guides us, become the best versions of ourselves without being dependent on other people.

And as we start integrating with our higher self, we begin to FLOW in sync with the universe ...we begin to intuitively know what action to take…..

1. When to give and when to take.

2. When to be logical and when to be creative.

3. When to be a pioneering and when to be nurturing.

We start radiating a calmer, more centered aura and the universe will then match your frequencies, to align you with a partner that reflects the completeness within you.... together you both will form a truly powerful and dynamic team, that will not only heal the world but also inspire others to do the same.


 Q. You strike me as an adventurous soul by the way you express yourself through your work as a model and actor & dancer…But you are also a healer and a force for spiritual awakening. Can you speak about the importance of sharing our gifts in all the ways they occur to us & how being courageous on our life path is necessary for the connection we all share in the oneness space of the universe?

A. We all come from the same source, we are all one. The big bang was an explosion, an expansion of that oneness into infinite beings of light to create individual perspectives.

This expansion, could only take place when each being of light, absorbed it’s surrounding dark matter to formulate its individual mission, traits and karma to begin an epic journey back to unity consciousness.

Just like a single candle can light up a whole room, the idea of ASCENSION is to flow back into oneness by illuminating the darkness within us and around us - into light.  

The so called darkness in the universe is like a mirror; it reflects our positivity or negativity back to us.

That is why, every courageous soul that has ever dared to overcome their fears, has always found the universe being supportive of their dreams. The only thing holding you back is your own fears.

We are all gifted in our own unique way; we all fit in together perfectly in this jigsaw puzzle called life.  So instead of trying to be someone else, why not explore yourself and sharpen your unique gifts and talents.

I have put in a lot of my energy to understand these truths theoretically and experientially.  

That is why I explored as many facets of my being as possible, which included writing, acting, dancing, modeling, healing and most importantly ascending :)

This was not easy because people around me tried to mold me into a box, asking me to find a fixed source of income by a certain age, to get married by a certain age, to have kids by a certain age or to be successful by a certain age.

I just knew that I had to be true to myself and follow my gut. I am not saying all of the above isn’t important, but don’t let social pressure make you give up on your individuality and your dreams.

There is no fixed age to fulfill your destiny. The universe will do everything in its power to support you in fulfilling your divine mission.

Like a ripple effect, when one courageously follows their life path - they inspire others to break free from limiting thoughts to start following their dreams - that is the beauty of unity consciousness.

Q. Can you describe how you experience yourself, or how you feel in your body as you are within the throws in your dance practice or flowing through emotions as an actor (in your case, you are more of a divine muse!)

A. Awww thank you, that means so much coming from the goddess of movement, herself :)

Flowing, again is the key word. There is an ebb and flow in each emotion and each movement.

E- motion is energy in motion.

So for me, it’s like a telling a story with each expression and each movement, except I never know where the flow can take me - there is no fixed format.

It’s all about living completely in the now.  It’s like brainstorming - you think of a topic and then let go of any preconceived limits to find an ingenious idea.

Similarly, I surrender to my higher self, my divine energy that guides me to a climactic ending.

The beautiful thing is that each ending acts like a portal that always open up another beginning :)

Q. Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow… the way you tap into your flow? (Something easy and fun would be much appreciated, but its all you here, so whatever feels resonant)

A. I am convinced that tapping into one’s higher self is the key to tapping into your flow. There are so many ways to achieve this:

1. Listening to uplifting music in complete privacy with your eyes closed. Ask the angels to guide you and Let the music move you literally and figuratively.

2. Connecting bare feet with mother nature. Breathing in the elements and conversing with nature spirits.

3. Meditating / channeling.  

4. Learning to love your journey, your existence by embracing each situation, whether good or bad, as a blessing that is teaching you how to become the best you can be.

(I conduct individual sessions and workshops to connect with your higher self, to book a session you may email me,

Q. Please send a link to a couple of songs that inspires you.


Q. Can you please share a video of you dancing? MUST CLICK ON LINK TO YOUTUBE to watch...ITS EPIC!


Q. If you’d like to share anything else for this last one, you’re free to plug upcoming classes/ workshops, share a poem or a quote…Totally up to you!


           Self - Reflections (Something close to my heart that I wrote)


Tired, I lay upon my mother's chest and her loving warmth embraced me.

I stared across the crimson tides, my rippled reflections spread before me....


My cherished dreams and darkest fears, infused in a fathomless flurry.

Will they ever leave me, these vagrant, raw feelings? - I seemed to incessantly worry.


And then instantly, almost magically, the soothing waves tenderly nudged me,

The instinctive Mother's watchful love, gently guided me as she touched me.


Affectionate, soft and nurturing, she whispered into my ear...

Hush your thoughts my child, as things are not as they appeared.


Don't fret, don't doubt just face your fears and only then, can you really see....

That each memory is just a friendly echo to inevitably awaken thee.


No matter, how Painful maybe - the deeply ingrained melancholy,

READILY Celebrate the pain, just like you did with each VICTORY....


For only detachment from illusory suffering and self-created misery,

Will reveal the abundant love and blessings that are meant to set you free.


Carefully, I think back and it's true! Every challenge faced ALWAYS revealed a boon!

Making me realize that this shall pass too, I will completely heal and ASCEND soon.


Restored and renewed, with a big smile upon my face,

I gratefully thanked Mother for her loving guidance and innate grace,


Her words of wisdom fully dawned on me, there's nothing to grieve in Actuality,

As each of us are Co-creating fractals of divine infinity, this is the true essence of REALITY!


~ Anjali Lavania ~


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