This weeks Sacred Sister interview features Amber Leitz, she is an erotic coach, liberating woman from shame around sex and offering a sacred space to explore and flow into a more orgasmic life. We are seeing the rise of the divine feminine in every area of life...The woman interviewed for Sacred Sister all have a unique gift that has emerged through them, all of which are healing gifts, to bring the experience of spirit into the body for a more pleasurable and ecstatic experience...Amber's particular gift of "marrying her humanity to her divinity" is a fundamental insight of hers that directly speaks to this idea of living a holistic life where the sanctity of spirituality & the creative, pleasurable fires of sexuality co-mingle. Read on to bask in her wisdom....


Q: Where do you live and practice?

A: In my home or out in nature in Michigan

Q: Star sign

A: Aries

Q: How did you discover your gift of understanding sex as a spiritual experience?

A: I’ve had this awareness that there was something deeper and more ecstatic and divine about sexuality from a very young age. I had my first orgasm at age 2 and the only words I can use to describe it are divine ecstasy. It literally felt like I was connected to the divine of all that is and my own divinity simultaneously.

After that I closed myself down from my sexuality and didn’t really understand the role that spirituality played until I began to look at my sensuality and sexuality several years ago. Slowly the connection between sex and spirituality began to reveal itself through each moment.

Each time I show up to connect to my sensuality, sexuality or pleasure, I feel like I’m plugged into the divine.  

Q: One of the descriptions of what you do is “Devotional Eroticism”…Can you  elaborate about the energy of sexual power and how we can begin to utilize it for manifestation?

A: Sure! Devotional eroticism to me is a path of being devoted to living from the erotic pulse of life. To our innate erotic nature. This eroticism has been with us since birth. We are sexual beings.

After all, we are born from sex. Our sexual energy is literally our life-force energy. It’s the energy that drives a species, including humans, to procreate.

If we don’t have this sex drive, then we stagnate as a species. We would cease to exist. So sexual energy is the energy that seeks to grow, expand, evolve and thrive through us. It’s our source of aliveness.

Sexual energy is turn on - sex drive - at its most primal level, but it’s also creative energy.

Since we are created from sexual energy, obviously we can use this energy to procreate. If we’re not using sexual energy to make a baby, then we can actually build more of it in our bodies, harnessing its raw creative power, and channel it into something else we want to create.

This could be creating a movement, piece of art work, business, more money, better sex or orgasms, deeper healing, travel and so on. If you want something, you can use sexual energy to create and manifest it!

A really simple practice for learning how to build and harness sexual energy is through breath.

Inhale, squeeze the pelvic floor muscles as if you’re stopping your urine, drawing this energy up the spine into the brain.

Exhale, release the squeeze and allow the energy to flow like an orgasmic waterfall down the front of the body. You can also bring in sound on the exhale ( a good start is ahhhhh) and circling or undulating movement of the hips or spine to help the energy move easier.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and practice daily. Doing this simple practice has changed my life in profound ways and allowed me to begin building sexual energy so that I can direct it towards something I want to create or manifest.
Q: You have a movement practice that you share via your Instagram profile…Can you share a bit about the similarities of movement and making love?

A: Yes, I absolutely love movement. Especially playing with wide ranges of movement. Sometimes it feels really good to take up space using my whole body and let sexual energy move through me. Other times it feels good to move in smaller, almost slow and intentional, increments where every single movement feels sensual and orgasmic.

The more I dance and move my body through my solo practice the easier it becomes for my sexual energy and pleasure to flow through my whole body during sex or self pleasure. It also helps me clear away any emotions, stuck sexual energy and shame I might have towards how my body is moving or sex itself so when I do engage sexually, I feel more free to move, express and be in my body.

I feel that one of the biggest blocks to why women are afraid to move during sex is that we have these wired inhibitions caused by shame that are holding us back. We think we’ll be seen as too much. Too wild. Too slutty. Too free. Too sexual.

We’re afraid of our own raw, sexual power and energy, because we’ve never been taught that it’s safe to feel it and that it’s natural, normal, acceptable and divine.

When we practice some form of movement, we get into the habit of dropping our inhibitions and we feel safe enough to express and move the energy (and our bodies) during sex.

Q: Can you describe how you experience yourself, or how you feel in your body as you are within the throws in your movement practice (dancing/doing yoga ect…)

A: Mmm just feeling into it is an amazing, mind-blowing experience. When I’m dancing or doing slow, sensual movement I feel like I’m truly embodying my divinity.

The words I always think of are ‘embodied enlightenment’. I feel connected to the cosmic, divinity around and within me, but also embodied in my raw, erotic power and nature.

I’m not denying my humanity or my divinity, but rather marrying them together. With each movement, I can unravel into that space of trust, ecstasy and pleasure that seeks to live itself out. I feel like I've arrived home. 

I’m plugged into the energy of All That Is and I can feel love moving through me. Nothing else matters, because I’m tapped into my erotic truth.

Q: Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow… the way you tap into your flow. (something easy and fun would be much appreciated, but its all you here, so whatever feels resonant )

A: Something I really love doing -- and I do it almost every day -- is to sit down in a comfortable space on the floor or your bed. I love putting a comfy blanket over my yoga mat on the floor and then I wedge a pillow under my butt so that when I sit on my knees, I can feel supported.

Set a timer for 5-10 minutes, put a good song on and just allow your hips to move in slow, sensuous circles or slowly undulate your spine back and forth on the inhale and exhale. Breathe deeply, sound out on each exhale until you have no sound left to draw out and use your hands to caress any energy out.

Move your body so slowly that it’s almost painfully slow and be present with the movement itself and how it feels in your body. Closing your eyes can really help you tune into the movement of energy rather than focusing on how much time you have left or what you look like or whether you’re doing it “right.”
Your body will move how she wants to and you might feel strange, clunky or shy at first. It might bring up some of your shame or inhibitions, but keep going. Meet it all with love and approval.

Amber has shared this inspirational song with us and below that, is a video of her feeling her way into her erotic movement flow.

Q: If you’d like to share anything else for this last one, you’re free to plug upcoming classes/ workshops, share a poem or a quote…Totally up to you!

A: A poem I wrote for one of my erotic dance videos that I really love…

“Coming home.
I’ve been invited to share this side of myself more.
I’ll admit I’ve been afraid.
What will others think?
Will I be seen as less than holy?
And then I remember my power.
I am no less holy, because my power is mine.
So here I dance back into my erotic power.”

With love,

Amber Leitz


Keep in touch with Amber...Check out her website and instagram links for more inspiration!

IG: @amberleitz