Welcome to my first SACRED SISTER interview! Sacred Sister is a weekly interview, featuring a Goddess who practices "Movement Medicine" a form of dance, yoga, physical theater ...Or any form of artistic movement in which the body-mind-soul connection flow without boundaries. In these movement sessions where we open ourselves to physical communion by letting ourselves go, often times healing, feelings of deep spiritual connection and states of bliss are embodied. The interviews are an inquiry into the art, practices and thoughts of these beautiful, inspiring and purely magical woman...They will share aspects of their journey, how they stay inspired through tough times, tips, music and more. Stay tuned! Every Sunday*...Aaaand Today, I am beyond excited to introduce Stephanie Woods.....


Q: Where do you live and practice?

A: I live in Oakland. I practice wherever I feel inspired to. Often in my room. Or out in nature, in open space. 

Q: Star sign

A: Cancer

Q: How did you discover your gift of movement?

A: I have always been a mover. I grew up dancing and went to college for dance because it was the only thing I was interested in. But I honestly never thought I was very good. The first time I really felt connected to my uniqueness and love within my movement was at my first big rave experience - EDC 2011. It's so funny, in the middle of a giant party, I was exploring how to create circular patterns in space with different parts of my body; how to integrate music and truly improvise - how to just enjoy my dance. It was beautiful. I haven't stopped exploring movement since.

 Q: What prompted you to share it as a profession?

A: It's just all I know and love. It's honestly the only thing I find truly interesting. And when I see other people make break-troughs’ and start to love their bodies and themselves through movement - it's so beautiful. It cracks my heart wide open to see others dancing, doing yoga, or other types of healing movement. 

Q: Can you describe how you experience yourself, or how you feel in your body as you are within the throws of your movement practice (dancing/doing yoga ect…)

A: Hmm..what a great question! I feel...

at home

at peace. 

I feel a release

I feel a movement of energies

and a connection to something deeper

and more real.

And I can let go

of any type of mental crap

or other heaviness

and allow myself to just be.

I can feel myself breathe better

and with that I feel more alive.

And as I dance I remember that I'm whole

and as I dance I feel how

I am okay

and everything is okay

and it always was

and it always will be

and so I just keep coming back to my dance

again and again

because it just

what it really feels like


it just






Q: Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow… the way you tap into your flow.

A: Breathe. Our mind gets in the way a lot. As soon as you notice it, take a deep breath. Then another, and another. Yoga taught me this. Really allow your breathing to be part of your dance. 


Another thing, remember that dance is for YOU. Don't do it for any type of purpose or goal. Never. Just do it for you, to feel good, or to feel something


And lastly, be in a space that inspires you. Whether it's the physical environment (in a forest, in your room, etc.) or a certain song  - find something external that inspires you, and connects the internal and external together. Let your dance be an ode to that which inspires you. 


Q: please send a video to a song that inspires you.


Q If you’d like to share anything else for this last one, you’re free to plug upcoming classes/ workshops, share a poem or a quote…Totally up to you!

A: I love to teach classes that start with an element of yoga for some warm-up and familiarity, and eventually work towards completely improvised dance. I'll be leading some of these yoga/dance fusion workshops in the Bay Area this Summer, so if you're interested make sure you get on my instagram or newsletter (on my website) to stay in the loop. 



Instagram URL:

Instagram handle: @stephcwoods




*Thanks to whoever reads this. It's such a magical dream come true to be able to talk about dance in this way with such an inspired community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.