This week our Sacred Sister is mia sim... A dancer with a nomadic spirit and an incredible gift of sensitivity, she so eloquently shares her process with us, offering a portal into her unique perspective….a perspective that informs the language of her movement, but also offers insight into the language of movement as a sacred art as a whole.

Q. Where do you live and practice?

 A. I currently am going through a major shift and need to make a decision about if I will stay in Oakland or move to New York City. My practice happens anywhere and it honors the liminality of where I am. I frequently practice when I’m traveling since the feedback my vessel receives in new spaces is potent. Energetic, spiritual, and physical residue is available in all spaces. It depends on what energetic language is being spoken and if my vessel speaks or will attempt to speak it with me. I believe in pursuing a more nomadic lifestyle because of this. Movement is life, so I’m excited to see where I will end up or where I will continue transitioning to and from. All that being said, my favorite way to practice is with the ocean. She has always been my greatest teacher.

Q. Star sign

A. Pisces - Aquarius rising

Q. How did you discover your gift of movement? And how do you share it, i.e teaching, performing?

A. I was always very introverted. I generally prefer not to say much unless I am around people I feel safe around. Finding dance as a child was a shining light because I could work in solitude and didn’t have to say anything. I am grateful that my parents enrolled me into Ballet and Tap dance classes 20 years ago. To walk into a space and feel support in quiet is rare in our noisy world in which words are considered the most valuable form of communication. It was just never the way I felt heard. I was and continue to be an observer of movement and posture which informs my performance practice as well as teaching pedagogy. I’ve presented solo work in LA and San Francisco over the past few years along with holding workshops in mindful movement where all bodies are welcome. I have been teaching for a decade and learn so much from other vessels. I appreciate the gifts and energies we all share in classroom spaces. I appreciate teaching children because they are closer to the source, our primal movement nature which is harmonious to the universe. We all share with each other and I am honored to be able to hold space for all bodies and abilities.

Q. You have a unique style in the way you dance and the way you present yourself  in your dance videos….I see a lot of attention to the way you interact with the environment in which you place yourself . Can you talk a bit about how the environment both inspires movement and how your movement shapes the environment by bringing life and energy. (I see a lot of play with shapes and shadows, lightening, playing in the shoreline, along a river…)

 A. I started developing my own work in which the environment informs my movement practice more wholey. Our vessels are conduits and porous. We do not have a barrier against the elements. We are made up of the same elements. On a molecular level, there is infinite space between everything. My work continues to allow me the attempt at accessing this information. This ancient, sacred knowledge is everywhere in each environment, vessel, animal, person, substance, etc. All these can share information through the language of movement. I like to focus on the sounds of a space first since the movement of vibration is a language that is accessible by most. Music is an epic communicative dance. Music is sound, sound is vibration, vibration is movement, and movement is dance. This then transfers into other concepts which show up in movement. My process is a trade of information between vessels. I enjoy the feedback offered in things like shape, shadows, water, fire, earth, ..and all else. I’m humbled to learn this language of the universe.

Q. Can describe how you experience yourself, or how you feel in your body as you are within the throws in your movement practice (dancing/doing yoga etc.…)

 A. I don’t feel like I experience self. I feel like I experience expansion and space. When I enter the dance state there is no divide between me and everything, everyone, energies, and spirits. It’s a release of self. This is a new perspective I have on the form because I grew up in a highly competitive atmosphere of dance. Although I am grateful for the training I received through the commercial dance world, it was something I needed to unlearn and shed in order to continue growing.

 Q. Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow… the way you tap into your flow. (Something easy and fun would be much appreciated, but its all you here, so whatever feels resonant)

 A. Trust and listen to your vessel. It’s trying to speak to you. We understand the body’s language fairly well when we are in pain or sick, but that transaction exists in our day-to-day also. We have unlearned this awareness because our societal reality does not give us the space needed in order to listen. Trust that “where you are is what you need” to start, and practice noticing. Not judging, fixing, changing… just notice.

Q. Please share a song that inspires you;)

Aaaand Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring video of your dance!

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