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This weeks Sacred Sister is Makeda Smith....Aaand WOW! what an inspiring woman! her life force and vitality are setting this world ablaze! Please be seated and prepare to be blown away! ...Here we go!

Interview by Rebekah Boyle

Q: Where do you live and practice?

A: I currently live in Los Angeles, in the Valley to be exact, in Winnetka, CA.

A: Star sign – Capricorn

Q: How did you discover your gift of movement? And how do you share it, i.e teaching, performing?

A: I discovered and uncovered the blessed gift of movement through taking pole dancing and exotic dance classes.  I actually starting pole dancing at the age of 50. The studio I was attending also offered exotic dance at the time.   I’m 57 now.  Pole dancing, along with my daily meditation practice, carried me through a very turbulent period in my life.  The pole became my anchor when I had nothing else physical to hold on to.  Exotic movement became my passageway to grace.  Conquering pole tricks helped me uncover my super ‘shero’ self.  I now share my love for the art via blogging, social media and teaching.

Q: What are your thoughts on sexuality as both a sacred and as an artistic expression?

A: Sexuality is a sacred and artistic expression that movement allows us to pay homage to.  By unabashedly expressing divine flow ( which is sensual and sexual by nature) through movement – we are making the goddess known to whoever witnesses our dance. The goddess is sacred sexuality.

Q: Why do you think Pole dancing has healing and empowering effects on woman?

A: Sacred sexuality is a birthright that has been stolen from us through patriarchy.  Pole dancing inherently gives this gift back to us through movement. The pole becomes the earth axis and the sacred phallic symbol that we rotate and vibrate around. Energy and heat is organically generated. That energy becomes a ‘healHer’ !

Q: Can describe how you experience yourself, or how you feel in your body as you are within the throws in your movement practice (dancing/doing yoga etc.…)

A: I always knew that in a past life I was a dancing temple priestess.  I always felt that Mary Magdalene (a sacred priestess) was one of my guides.  When I dance, I become a vessel, a channel – and the temple priestess moves in and takes over. It’s a religious experience, as in pure spirituality.

Q: Can you please share a tip or suggestion to help guide someone into tapping into their flow… the way you tap into your flow. (Something easy and fun would be much appreciated, but its all you here, so whatever feels resonant)

A: I dance with my eyes closed – that is what works for me because when I close my eyes, I am allowing my third eye to take over.  I close off the outside world, enter the inner temple and become one with the music – the music then flows me.

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Q: If you’d like to share anything else for this last one, you’re free to plug upcoming classes/ workshops, share a poem or a quote…Totally up to you! 

A: I blog weekly at and I offer FlyingOver50 Dance Flow classes, workshops and private lessons that cater to women of all ages, but particularly those over 50.  Women over 50 are more heavily indoctrinated in patriarchy.  They have, for the most part – stop moving, stop flowing, stopped feeling the full power and essence of their divine femininity.   I share movement that eases an older body into graceful, sensual flow with no pole involved and no shoes even.  Once older women start to get comfortable in that space first, many of them graduate to wearing heels and wanting to experience pole movement.

Stay in touch with Makeda:

IG @flyingover50

WOW sister (Rebekah speaking) I am SO inspired by you!!! Thank you for sharing your magnificent spirit!



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