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By Emma Amara Elizabeth

  "The true Dark River, or dark Goddess emerges from the void. Pre-verbal, unknown, nameless, rhymic, intelligent and forward moving. A deep, yearning, longing that is willing to not know, willing to lose the grip of the mind and be transported into whatever is needed in the moment to serve the full glory of Creation. Her essence holds the key to ignite, catalyse, reveal and permit gnosis (direct knowing). This expression of the feminine is the medicine we most hunger for in this moment of our evolution. We are sick and tired of stasis, remaining the same, not getting anywhere - it is this Dark River that will demolish the false self, the inhibitions, the conditions placed upon us and the too small and too tight little box we have lived most of our lives in.

The Dark River as she flows will open us to gnosis, revelation and wild ecstatic freedom. Many people, hold back, fearing these dark waters will tip them over the edge, and they will become too wild, too ferocious and unpredictable. This is the voice of fear, that will always keep you from her. The dark goddess holds open the door to our full potential and empowerment, and urges us to take the extra step and reach for them.” ~ Anaiya Sophia, from her article “Baptism of Shakti, Light and Dark Rivers”

In this painting of Andromeda (her story, a Greek myth, is for another time and different than my interpretation) I see the symbolism in the chains, of the Dragon, reflecting the fear she has of her own dark essence. The dark that lives within her threatens to control and consume her if she does not befriend the dragon (herself). All of us must be welcomed, all our darkness, all our light, in order for healing to happen. We will remain empty, a shadow of ourselves, if we do not give voice to the parts of ourselves that we are afraid of. It’s time to bathe in the Dark River so that it does not drown us, and instead nourishes and sustains us, as Death does to the Life that comes after 🐉 #darkgoddess #dragonmedicine #healingthefeminineheart #anaiyasophia

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