What is sensual activism?

It is embodying BEAUTY. LOVE. KINDNESS. EMPATHY. COMPASSION (for self and others)...It is disrobing in the face of a world that values violence over vulnerability; we are bombarded with violence in the media, glorifying war and bloodshed. Sensual activism is about reminding the darkness of the light...like a deer stepping onto the path of a desensitized nation....Carving out a space to remind us of tenderness, of the sanctuary of beauty we have access to within ourselves, within life.

The creative urge of our animal instinct is to bask in the sensuous, and to portray the poetry of our expressions in art, dance, writings ect…The same force from which nature herself breathes over the earth, and her waters ebb and flow upon the sand & through rushing rivers…of a birds call and a cats purr…When I undress my soul for you, these are the things I am inviting you to witness, and when your heart stirs and your cheeks flush from excitement…perhaps you too will undress and step into the wilderness with me.

I believe that to hold space for the listening of our body and the listening of the natural world, to love despite fear and trauma….Is to bring more spirit into the world. I do this through dance and by becoming very sensitive to my physicality and this becomes my prayer. …And through this prayer, sensuality becomes how I do my part in shifting the negatives in the world, creating space for healing and love to reside.